Code of Practice

Our Shared Services Procurement function through its supply chain management plays a key role in enabling Al Naboodah Group Enterprises (ANGE) to deliver its Core Business objectives.

We strive to add value to our business and the projects on which we operate on behalf of our clients, developing mutually beneficial relationships which deliver shared rewards.

This Code of Practice is a set of Strategic guidelines defining good practice against which ANGE’s Shared Services Procurement function shall deliver value into its Sustainability initiatives.

ANGE encourage our partners to work together, openly and co-operatively. The following Code of Practice is the minimum that we require of our Supply Chain Partners.

Supply Chain Code of Practice:

  • Total compliance with the applicable laws and regulations of the country in which operations are undertaken.
  • Adherence to relevant International Labour Organisation Core Conventions. Employment practices will prohibit child, forced, bonded or compulsory labour and respect the right to freedom or association, diversity and equal opportunities.
  • Wages and working hours will, as a minimum, comply with applicable rules and legislation, including those regarding minimum wage, overtime and maximum hours worked, of the country where operations are undertaken.
  • Health and Safety working practice are in place and adhered to. These will be supported by a complete safety conscious workforce – a workforce that is empowered to challenge unsafe practice without concern of being penalised.
  • Operations shall be carried out with care for the environment, using sustainable practices that minimise negative impact and improve the quality of the Built Environment.
  • The human rights of those with whom business is carried out shall be respected.
  • Work shall be completed to the highest standards of competence and professional integrity. There will be zero tolerance of corrupt practices and bribery in line with the ANGE Code of Business Conduct statements and/or other relevant acts in the territories in which operations are taking place.
  • Contracts will be delivered to the agreed specification, time line, quality and cost targets with a non-adversarial approach being taken with other members of the Supply Chain.
  • Robust training programmes and support for employee’s career development will be provided.
  • Committing to the principals of corporate social responsibility, sharing expertise in local community projects and helping to improve social and economic development of the areas in which operations take place.
  • Accommodation and catering arrangements provided to employees shall be well managed, comply with local laws and regulations, provide a healthy, safe and caring environment for employees.
  • Medical care will be provided for all employees to meet local laws and regulations of the country where the operations are carried out.
  • Ethical recruitment practices shall be in place for the recruitment of all employees. Employment agents shall be reputable and accredited in the country of recruitment and, where required local laws, shall be accredited in the country of the employment. Employees shall not be required to contribute to any costs related to their employment.

This supply chain code of practice is fully endorsed by the management of ANGE.



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